How to Remove Unwanted Labels from Blogger's Blog

In Blogger,we know that the Labels are very much importance to highlight the categorize wise list to easy navigate we are posting our thing with different types of Labels...and some times may some Labels are we made with our mistakes or unwanted Labels are included in we want to remove it completely..actually there is no direct way to delete Labels from blogger..
but here am sharing with you an easy steps to get rid off unwanted Labels easily from your blogger

So, let me explain you about those steps below.

Login to your blogger account


Select your blog, from which you want to remove the Labels.


Navigate to 'Posts', it will show you the full list of your blog posts.


Explore the posts associated with the Label, which you want to delete.


Select the Post Which You Explored to  Delet the Label


Now click on the Icon given at the top of the right-hand side, shown in below image.

Step ⑦
Click on the same tag again, and it will delete that tag/label from all your posts and it will be also removed.

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