How To Send Gif Images in WhatsApp...Here!!

GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format that was developed by US-based software writer Steve Wilhite while working

at the internet service provider CompuServe in 1987[1] and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability.(Wiki)

As we know,WhatsApp Officially Makes some interesting features  with their recent updates like @mentioning,selfi flash,android doodle,GIF etc
Here,We Gonna to See How To Use WhatsApp Latest Feature "GIF"

Sharing GIF images to Friends

Sharing GIF Images to friends personally is possible in Latest WhatsApp. However, here WhatsApp has the same feature 
for the groups. You can now send GIF images in a group and share a laugh all together.
Click on the Attach button on top of the chat window to show

Whats Tools share menu,
then tap on the received message to open Download file popup.choose the GIF file and send and forwarded it to any group

Here the Easiest Steps To send GIF files

First Lets Check what will happen when we send a GIF image directly to your friends in WhatsApp

  • When we send a GIF file directly, Oops..! it doesn't work..!!
Screens below:

Down't worry guys,its true what you heard that latest version is supports GIF,but how it works perfectly...??
for that we need an App Called "GIF To Video"

Download here

After installing this App,
Open the App,Selecting the GIF&Converting

Screens below:

After Converting the GIF file,
"We gonna to Send that Converted GIF file (Previous GIF file is now a video file) to your WhatsApp Friends as GIF..!!"

Screens below:

Note:for sending in GIF format you should change the video icon into GIF incon...!!

For Downloader lots of GIF

For Creating Your own GIF

For Converting GIF Online

Another One Method:

Above,we understand how to send a GIF file in WhatsApp,but here am gonna to say you,about sending GIF from any of Your Video..!!

Lets Take a Look, How it Works:

See the firs Screen Shoot:
Here we are seeing a video with 38 sec and look at the top right corner there is no icons(video/GIF)

See the Second Screen Shoot:
Here we are seeing that to clippings  reduced the video length to 6 seconds,and one more thing that ,now you can see the icon(video) on top right corner
(NB:Inthis method you can send only 6seconds video as GIF)

And now change the video icon to Gif 
and send

Then you can see that video changed to GIF and post it  in to your friend's chats

See Screen Shoot:

Latest WhatsApp Download Here

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